December News 2018

District Theme 2018-2019: Our Hearts Are Burning Within Us

Our Hearts are Burning within Us (Prayer)

Lasallian Reflection No.4 (2018-2019)

Resources and Logos

Resources for the 300th Anniversary, including logos which can be used on school publications and merchandise, are available here:


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Resources | Celebration of the Beginning of the Founder’s Tricentenary

The Tricentenary is ready to start!

In the following link you can download both the Guide for the Celebration, in the three official languages of the Institute, and images and symbols for your use.

We invite the entire worldwide Lasallian family to join the celebration. ===>>>>>>>> 


On the occasion of the commemoration of the Tercentenary of the death of Saint John Baptist De La Salle we wish to encourage curiosity about his life thanks to the preparation of a simple biography, in digital form, accessible and usable with sufficient elements concerning the pastoral mission, catechesis and ongoing formation.

It consists of a historical itinerary related by Br. Jean Jacquot, who, at 14 years of age, was a pupil in a parish school run by the first Brothers and who later wished to follow in their footsteps. Through each chapter we wish to raise certain questions regarding the historical context, the way in which the first Lasallian community and schools came into existence, the difficulties encountered and above all, the audacity with which John Baptist De La Salle and the Brothers built a common education plan to which they committed their entire lives.

There is a basic content, accompanied by historical notes, biographies, iconographies, photos, maps and the texts of the works written by our holy Founder. In addition, the biography contains 4 videos which complete the content and offer a more complete vision of the Institute, its past, present and future. It is possible to read this biography in electronic form on PCs, iPads, tablets, portable computers and office computers.

The objective of this biography has been, from the beginning of the project, to arouse curiosity about the life of De La Salle and the first Brothers. We wish the Lasallians of the entire world to appreciate the value of the patrimony which we have received: a charism and a style of education which has still a lot to say to the educators and young people of the 21st Century.

We are especially grateful for the work which has been done with the team of AucaDigital Editores and in particular by Pili Rodriguez and Asuncion Munoz for their professional support in the development of this project. We wish that the image of De La Salle will not just remain in our hearts but will also be reflected in our actions in working with him for the glory of God, who wishes that all arrive at the knowledge of the truth.

Br. Diego Muñoz FSC
Service of Lasallian Research and Resources
Mother House


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