The Irish Association for the Lasallian Mission are delighted to invite All Lasallian Schools
in Ireland to participate in the Lasallian Competition 2019 - 2020
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Individual, class or group entries (maximum 6 in a group)
Secondary School: 1st Year, 2nd Year, TY, LCA, Year 8 and Year 9
Primary School: 5th Class, 6th Class, Year 6 and Year 7



Choose your favourite quote(s) from John Baptist de La Salle and present it in any medium you choose, accompanied by a blurb explaining it’s importance / significance for you (max 150 words).

Writing, Poems, Essays, Drama,
Art (Animation, Film, Painting, Drawing, Ceramics),
Music, Making and Creating, Video, Woodwork,
Metalwork, Media, Power Point, Apps.

Each school may choose up to 3 projects to submit to the national final. These should be emailed to:

Submission must include photo of project, blurb, student’s name, category & school


All entries receive a certificate.

Winner in individual, group and class. Overall winner.

Celebration & Presentation: Castletown, Co Laois – 10th March

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Welfare and Safety Letter. 

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