Our Lasallian Mission.


Set up in 2013 the Irish Association for the Lasallian Mission includes Brothers and representatives of Lasallian Centres in the Irish District. It is responsible for promoting the Lasallian philosophy in all areas and among all members for the provision of the Human and Christian Education to the young. It is intended that this Association will bring cohesiveness to all aspects of the Lasallian Mission in Ireland.


The vision is that of an Association for the Lasallian Mission in the Irish District as an integral part of the international Lasallian Association. This Association, composed of Brothers and lay Lasallians ensures that the current Lasallian Mission (the human and Christian education of the young) will continue into the future. It also makes provision for the understanding of, and the formation in, the Lasallian ethos and charism.



The guiding ideals of the Association are encapsulated in Circular 461

“ is important that the ultimate purpose of the association is found in the expression, ‘associated for.’ Association exists for the educational advancement of the young, especially those who are poor. ‘The vitality of our mission depends on how we, who associate ourselves with one another, respond to the needs of the poor. We value the effort that Lasallians make to liberate the poor from  different forms of poverty and we ask ourselves to consider service of the poor and the promotion of justice as the heart and main source of strength of the Lasallian Mission in the world”


(Associated for the Lasallian Mission Circular 461 page 59)


“ It is often said that poverty has a face; the face of a child. So many young people are socially, spiritually, materially and even physically lost without any sense of direction. Association for me means responding with creativity to their needs and accompanying them on their journey.”


(Associated for the Lasallian Mission Circular 461 page 60)


Association is the coming together of people who are inspired by the Lasallian charism. They bring their individual gifts to their own Lasallian ministry and to those with whom they are associated in order to promote the aims and purpose of the Lasallian mission.


(Participation in the Lasallian Charism – Antonio Botano)


The Irish Association for the Lasallian Mission is also a response to the Br. Superior’s letter of the 23rd February 2012 and the submissions of Lay Associates on 2nd April 2012.

“At this time, I think it is very important to ensure the animation of the Laity who desire to be faithful to the Lasallian tradition in a situation of ‘guardianship’ and together with other religious congregations ... and the development of the associative movement as advocated by recent General Chapters and by Circular 461.”


(Letter from Br Superior 23 February 2012)

The vision and ideals will be implemented primarily through the work of the Mission Council and all those who form the Association.  The work of the Mission Council will be concerned with Animation and Organisation.

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Lasallian Competition 2019
John Baptist De La Salle Tercentenary Celebration
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Lasallian Competition

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